Heatcamps is the Brand new generation of Fitness and Health class which is for ALL fitness levels and gender. Our classes are Heated to 35 degrees inside our specially tailored Inflatable which is based Indoors. Sessions last just 35 minutes, with a short break to re-hydrate half way through, you’re in and out before you know it. 0-1000+ calories Burnt in 1 single 35 minute session, you can be looking to expect fast results with us, quicker than any other class/BootCamp around! Our classes are packed with Effective & Interesting routines designed for Reducing Body Fat, Increasing Your fitness levels.



Reducing aches and pains/stiffness

Exercising in our heated environment increases circulation to all the muscles being used during our classes, this increases the amount of nutrients supplied to the muscles which is beneficial both for muscle health and strength. Increasing circulation makes the muscles supple and flexible so you can say goodbye to that stiff back you’ve been struggling with for years!

Reducing high blood pressure

Heatcamps has helped 1000’s of people across the north west. A large percentage of these people were suffering from high blood pressure and were taking medication on a daily basis to keep it under control. After training with us for a short while, some of our attendees have been able to reduce their medication following a check-up with their GP.

Reduces asthmatic symptoms

In our specially heated environment the oxygen levels are reduced, not enough for you to notice but enough for your lungs to know they need to work harder. Exercising with us regularly will increase your “VO2 Max” which means, in real terms, the amount of oxygen you can take into your lungs. You will start to build an increased lung capacity and therefore that inhaler you’re carrying around won’t be seeing daylight anywhere near as much!

Help prevent insomnia

There can be lots of reasons why people suffer from insomnia so this all depends on you as a person. Heatcamps has proven time and time again that one session with us = a good night sleep. We provide a positive, productive and uplifting environment mixed in with a great exercise session in our heated environment. You will feel tired both physically and mentally, relieving your mind and body of day-to-day stress and allowing for more positive thoughts about yourself and your outlook on life. The intensity of our sessions release those feel good endorphins, so why not come along and try one for yourself!



There’s always something interesting going on at one of your sessions. Take a look at some of the images and video from one of our relaxed, friendly heatcamps sessions.



Don’t take our word for it, listen to what out clients have to say. Heatcamps is much more than a exercise class, its a fitness revolution and social environment combined.

Jenna Ronan
I have always wanted to join a gym but im not really that confident in myself to actually do it. Seeing my sisters progress at Heatcamps and their posts online I kept telling myself I would join but then I would make excuses not to. Heatcamps has given me something to focus on seeing my results has given me the confidence and motivation to keep going.
Jenna Ronan
Jamie Little
The fitness and motivation they give is second to none , But its not just the training they join in the banter and laughs while your working hard and everyone bounces off each other, its like being with mates you have had for years, you dont get that anywhere else. Heatcamps has helped me physically and mentally, i would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
Jamie Little
Carly Gardiner
Carly Gardiner is definitely a strong minded woman bringing new born Beautiful Nel into the world and still staying focused to be the best mum she can be to her daughter who is just 22 months old! I’m sure any of you mums out there can appreciate this knowing the hard work and full time dedication to your child is draining and tiring which leaves no time for yourself!!
Carly Gardiner